We want to make life better for cancer patients

Mika is an award-winning app and certified medical device clinically-proven to help cancer patients cope with the physical and psychological effects of having cancer.
In preliminary clinical studies carried out in Germany, Mika has been proven to reduce symptoms of psychological distress, depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Patients can track their symptoms, medication, and side effects, and use Mika’s supportive content to boost their physical and mental wellbeing.
By caring for the embodied experience of living with cancer, Mika equips patients to manage their condition in a proactive way, even on the really tough days.

Mika is developed in collaboration with leading German oncology institutes Charité Berlin, University of Leipzig Medical Center, and the National Center for Tumor Diseases Heidelberg.

Our story

Mika was founded by Dr. Jan Simon Raue and Dr. Gandolf Finke in 2017.
In 2016, both Raue and Finke witnessed loved ones going through cancer and were each shocked at the lack of guidance and support available to patients following a cancer diagnosis.
They searched high and low for expert-verified, trustworthy, easy-to-understand content support for cancer patients but came up empty-handed. That’s when they decided to combine their experience and create Mika, a digital therapy that guides patients through every step of living with cancer.
Dr. Gandolf Finke
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Gandolf is Co-founder and Managing Director at Mika. With an engineering background from Karlsruhe and MIT, and a PhD from ETH Zurich, he previously worked in healthcare consulting for many years.
Dr. Jan Simon Raue
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Jan Simon Raue is Co-founder and Managing Director at Mika. With a background in entrepreneurship, consulting, and science, Jan Simon founded Mika to provide support for people affected by cancer.

Meet the team

Mika is built by a seasoned team of physicians, psycho-oncologists, business leaders, and technology experts. Here are just a few of the talented people driving the future of cancer care.
Mark Slaughter
Chief Strategy and Growth Officer
Mark Slaughter is Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at Mika. He manages and executes Mika's combined commercial and clinical strategy as well as collaborations with life science companies.
Maik Tuni
Head of Patient Programs
Maik Tuni is Head of Patient Programs at Mika. He leads Mika's medical department and ensures medical effectiveness by translating clinical insights into patient-centered digital programs.
Dr. Ayline Maier
Head of Clinical Affairs
Ayline Maier is Head of Clinical Affairs at Mika. She provides medical expertise to product development, oversees clinical investigations of the product, and shapes Mika’s clinical strategy.
Christoph Henzelmann
Christoph Henzelmann is the CTO at Mika where he manages the cross-functional team that builds the Mika app. He has over 15 years of experience in development, product, and engineering management.
Dr. Johanna Depenbusch
Behavior Scientist
Johanna Depenbusch is a Behavioral Scientist at Mika. She develops behavioral interventions to promote sustainable, positive health behavior and to increase patient engagement during treatment.
Jonas Seiler
Head of Data Science
Jonas Seiler is Head of Data Science at Mika. He manages key functions at Mika including hands-on data science, funding acquisition and management, infrastructure design, and regulatory affairs.
Dr. Yü-Hien Lee
Data Scientist
Yü-Hien Lee is a Data Scientist at Mika. He is responsible for aggregating patient data and improving the app's efficacy so the psychological burden of cancer patients can be effectively reduced.
Stas Rozenbaum
VP of Marketing
Stas Rozenbaum is VP of Marketing at Mika. He steers Mika's marketing team, manages campaign execution, drives patient acquisition and life-cycle marketing, all while empowering the life science team.